Therapies Offered

The first step toward any treatment is a physical exam, which allows us to assess and accurately diagnose your condition. Upon arrival, general health and applicable insurance information will be gathered. This will be followed by a one-on-one consultation and physical exam with your doctor to further evaluate your complaint. A complete report of findings will be explained to you by your doctor, detailing your condition. Following this session, you will have a greater understanding of the nature of your complaint and the therapies available to get you better.

  • Trigger Point TherapyHelps to release muscle spasms (knots) that can develop through physical stress.
  • Active ReleaseHelps to release adhesions that form between muscle fibers so that the muscle groups can glide more freely.
  • StretchingGeneral and specific muscle group stretches allow for increased range of motion and decreased stress on joints.
  • Flexion-DistractionFlexion-Distraction is a specific type of spinal decompression. This is a specialized treatment for disc herniations, sciatica, degeneration (arthritis), and spinal stenosis. Gentle, site-specific stretching opens the spinal canal, decreases pressure on injured discs, and reduces adjacent nerve root irritation.
  • AdjustmentsAdjustments help to restore motion to tight, restricted joints. This is vital to keeping joints healthy, as they rely on movement for proper blood supply and nutrition. Restricted joints can cause surrounding muscle tension and nerve root irritation. If left untreated, joints that lack proper gliding motion are prone to degeneration (arthritis) over time.
  • Ultrasound & Electronic StimulationThese adjunctive therapies help to increase circulation to injured tissues, promote healing, reduce inflammation, decrease muscle tightness, and diminish pain.
  • Therapeutic ExerciseGeneral and specific muscle group stretches allow for increased range of motion and decreased stress on joints.
  • Custom OrthoticsOrthotics may be custom-made for foot instability problems such as flat feet, plantar fasciitis, hyperpronation, or bunions. Oftentimes, problems such as these can lead to increased stress on knees, hips, and back as a result of an altered gait cycle.
  • Individualized CareWith a wide variety of treatment options available, your treatment plan will be customized based on your individual needs, so you get the optimum results you're looking for.
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